Internet is totally based on search engine. Most of the people turn to search engine to find answers regarding their questions or any information about product or services which they are looking for.

Most of the brands rely search engine means they don’t type the website name of the brand, means that particular brand is less known to the people so it is very much necessary that particular brand rely on search engine results to get visitors to his websites.


The Competitors also depends on search engines & want to be on top in search engines because very high numbers of keywords are searched every day.

You should keep in your mind some points to get visitors to your websites.

Use of Flash:

Avoid use of flash while making website and this is suggested that you should not use flash on the opening page of website. Because it is likely that Google will not crawl your website.

Importance of Contents:

It is known fact that search engine looks for content and if there is lesser content, Google will not pick your site, so it is very important that you should have better content to get more visits to the website.

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